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This game is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played. It’s highly addictive and fun!

Top Game

Unlike most games of its type, it does not slow down to a crawl at a certain level. So much to do to keep you entertained. Great armor upgrade system. Fun and challenging PVP areas. Many affordable outfits to look unique from others. Amazing pets. I highly recommend this rpg for anyone who enjoys this genre.🥇

Tower of Eternity floor 45

Fix the Magma Ogre. It's only supposed to unleash it's skill 3 times in a row and he did it 5... Please explain......

I Love the game but...

This game is fire but the server I’m on always is down for maintenance and it’s really annoying that I will go in pvp and just get clear one shotted. I have over 2000000 Br and get bodied but I guess I need to grind more.

Guild deleted.

Hi I have a problem and a suggestion about the game. I am the leader of a guild and by mistake I pressed the button of delete guild this morning... now checking the screen I’ve noticed that the button is positioned in the right edge of the screen which caused my mistake. I never got a message requiring a confirmation of the action done, I just noticed that we had no guild only when I got into the game and my friends asked me what had happened... It would be a good idea to re locate that button. I was wondering if there is any way to re-establish my guild, please I need a solution. Thank you. All the members are VIP.

More like a console game

Delightful way to waste some down time. Great for when standing in line at DMV and such. The game play gets a bit repetitive. Graphics not bad. Mostly combat and PvP centered. I’d say it plays more like a console game than a true PC mmprpg. Not bad for a free game. That being said I think I’d be willing to pay a bit for a fuller version of the game instead of constantly being hounded to buy upgrade diamonds.

Great Game

Very addictive and competitive. I can’t stop playing it!!!

Enjoying this game!

Lots of little mini games and things that help to make this game playable. I log in everyday to maximize my rewards!


Good game. Only problem I have is that it gets boring way too fast once you reach level 60 if you don’t pay. Not enough things to do unless you pay to play.


Fun game. Addicting.


This one of the few games I’ve played and don’t want get off of, I love the action and pvp, but the only critique I’d give it is to somehow find a way to separate the powerful people with the weaker ones, and to not have one hit kills with bosses in tower of eternity. Otherwise great game


Highly addictive as promised, must be intelligent to play. Very fun, I would change a few thing but cheers to development and creators. This game is outstanding and if I might add maybe made for a certain someone. Enjoy. 👍🏻👍👍🏿👍🏼👍🏾

Love this game

I love this game

I really love this game

It make me feel relax in my free time

Gorgeous game but too much trouble

This game has some beautiful graphics and great gameplay typical of this type of game. However, it has too much going on. There are lots of freebies every day for logging in, but you have go through multiple screens to find them. Every time you play for a few minutes or level up there are more than ten things to level up or augment or enhance. You can easily spend ten minutes doing this and still miss something. I haven’t played long enough to see the pay to play aspect that others mention, but there are multiple screens where you can buy things. There are so many screens for enhancing/augmenting/leveling up/ purchasing that they seem overwhelming and confusing. It also seems to be a data and memory hog but not sure. Deleting this app.



Good Game

But HP overrated


This game has a great theory, but what do I have to do to upgrade the new game advertised starting from Nude to pickup shields wrathwings and clothes.

Good game

I just so happened to see this ad on another app to get more tokens and I've never been hooked on a mobile game like I've been on this one , from pvp to lvlin your player up it's fun

Amazing game

The game is competitive, plenty of events and things to do, great graphics, and a great time passer

Great game

Perfect gameplay,good graphics,and great armor.i recommend this to all gamers in the world


Love this game it’s addicting and it’s fun to play and overall I’m just addicted to playing it.

In Game Optional Purchases Not Optional after Level 80

Love the game but it is becoming greedy and taking more away requiring players to HAVE to purchase to level up after 80. Doesn't change, gonna stop playing and share my reviews with all of social media. Deleting game. You keep taking more and more away. Greedy! People like you make me wish I never served my country.

Great game

Lots of great graphics. Visually stunning. Well worth the download

Terrible download Crusaders of light

This games terrible game play waste of time if you're looking for a fun game download crusaders of light it's free and pretty fun. I've been playing for almost a month and still not max level it's like WoW. Anyways this game is terribly made you can't even adjust where you're going you can't look around at all. Honestly doesn't even deserve 1 star!

Good game

Very entertaining!

Love it!!!

Awesome game!!! Wish they would bring it out for console.

Great Game

The only thing missing is a constant play mode, once you run out of opportunities for daily missions, there isn’t much left to do.

Update glitches

I have 3 characters on 3 different servers and the game was running great until the last update. Now my translator keeps switching off I can’t open plunder chest at all. What’s the deal with the pvp in the arena action?? I’ve been losing to people that have at least 50,000 less in BR ranking than me!!! Who set the algorithms??? And what’s the deal with 100 fragments for a mount that’s bull!!! There show be a low level mount we can start with at least once you get to level 75. I’ve played games where you get one too start. Come on devs get with the new age programming. All the money people put into this game the least you can do is try to help out everybody else. It’s only fair. And if my game starts crashing I’ll know it was because of my review.

Cool game

One of the dopest phone games ive ever played 🤙🏽

It’s great but...

I really do love playing this MMORPG. I am online everyday since I downloaded it. SN-Keiya server-est1750. It’s a great game but like a lot of other people have said it does get repetitive and unless you spend money it’s hard to keep your BR at the same level as other players your level.


Awesome game outfits awesome too

Good Work

Keep up the good work

Good game

I like this game always something you can do. I just wish you didn’t have to spend money to be a top contender

Too expensive

Awsome game I play it daily but reality is the developer is way greedy and makes it impossible to get far without money all pets cost hundreds of dollars to get and upgrade you won’t get far unless you are rich so just skip it

Awesome game but could use some player ideas

This is a great game not gonna lie and you have hundreds if not thousands of players that play a day. But this game could use some improvements and some other ideas you may not think of. First of all I feel there should be more classes because the same ones over and over end up getting boring I wanna play against different ones and be able to use different ones. But other then that I love this MMORPG game it’s very interesting and fun.


Best game for free time

Good game


Bad game

The developers believe that everything should only be earned with money in this game! update after update you get less and less profit if you do not compete monetarily I do not recommend it to anyone

Never received my purchase

I like the game but I’ve noticed that alot of people have the same problem as I have... when you make a purchase in the game it charges you but you never receive anything...

All good here

Good game

Top notch fun as heck highly addictive.

Alot of things going on which makes it fun and not repetitive and boring like other games can be which keeps me coming back!

Good game

This is good game nice graphic animation. Easy to play. But too many icons on screen. 1.If you fix and put all icon in one icon. Your game will be great 2.pvp need to have more options for play with friends i know. That important. Right now i give you 4 start first

Love it

Awesome game having fun

Pretty good game

You don’t need to spend a ton on packs to play and you move quick. Very enjoyable.


Fun game


Nice game

Not a big spender, then don’t play

Have to agree with the above poster about PVP here, and without dropping a lot of cash you don’t have a chance. I played quite a bit, but the spenders just annihilate me easily. Just another decent game system poorly implemented. They are fairly generous with in-game currency but just enough to string you along. To summarize, if you don’t want to spend, find another game and let the spenders play with themselves.


I love this game I’m on it day in and day out really can’t stop playing just wish that it didn’t take 5 stamina for battle missions in the main story line other than that the game is awesome and highly addictive thank you guys

I like the game, but...

... I wish it had that free roam ability like it did in the ads. I like this game, it’s fun, creative, and fast-paced, but I was really hoping you can get to fly around (or walk/ run for people that don’t have wings) a map of choice. I just think it would’ve been nice to have it, but good job.

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