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I lost all my stuff with the new update I just log in and I have nothing.


Cool :v


This is a waste of time. Surely you can find better ways to waste time than chasing exclamation points around. I checked it out for two days, and it’s garbage.

Money Pit

If you do not have a deep pocket, don't play the game. They will merge old servers with new ones which forces the players to either create a new account on another server, spend ridiculous amounts of money just so they can have a decent game or just stop playing altogether. Last server merge I was in, our highest player was at 170 mil BR. We got merged with 3 old servers whose top players have over 600 mil BR. There's also a lot of bugs, plunder takes over an hour because the system freezes and kicks players out of the room. Update, as of today 8/18/2018 they are selling a new wrathwing for $500. Plunder 100 is a complete bust since you’re fighting with other servers with at least twice your BRs. Our top player is at 8 Billion but has not been active. Their matching during multi server quests is outrageous.

Latest update

Hundreds of dollars and hours a day wasted I'm ready to delete the game after the last update. Function of the button aren't responsive. Then the stupid suggestions take up my entire screen... But that has been that way

Great game

Very fun game for a mobile platform. Much more interactive. Pay to play has its advantages as with most games but everything is doable without.


One of the best games I’ve seen can you play in graphics wise Very involved so much to do so many rewards ! Keeps you on and mov-n- lov it

I Recommend this to everyone

You guys should totally trie this game it has different play styles and very fun game plus the leveling system is very nicely set up as well

lod is awesome

I enjoy being able to fight monsters and level up and get cool gear it is also fun to do pvp but the problem with that is no one is in my fight range I do about 25000 dps and I one shot everyone in pvp but what this game needs is search for people in your level range for pvp and It needs clans I love this game developers keep up the good work!

I love this game

This game is the best.I absolutely im amazed by this game.The content and everything but if you guys can help I need help powering up. ive been trying to get better pets and everything but please help me.Thats all but amazing game

Really Fun

I just started the game and I think that it is really fun. It takes a lot of time time to play and is a little hard, but that’s what makes it fun and challenging.

My account became unassailable?

I was only like lvl 49 with 1.3 mill br but one day I was going to log In and realized that I was on my old (lvl13) account! I am a free to play player and I always just waited for events where I could jump ahead of where I am but now I have grind my levels a lot just to get back there! If you can give me back my account it is torabisu my alt is tenkut idk how the account system works but plz try to get me back my account!



Best game

I love ur game make the amor go to r13 that would really be cooler 😎😜😝😝😍😍😀😍😀


I never really get into these types of games but just the way the game is it’s really hard to stop playing and it’s something new atleast to me


I downloaded the game bc the puppeteer player was new, and I couldn’t even play it. The game isn’t gr8.

No volume

I have the iPhone X and I can’t hear the game at all my phone is on max and I don’t have my phone on mute but I still can’t hear the game I go to a different app and the volume works perfectly but then go to settings and see the app nothing there to help me so I deleted the app and downloaded it again but still wouldn’t work for some reason

Ripped off

I spent eight dollars on this game and It didn’t even give me anything except for an unsatisfied customer I advise not buying this game

Sound does not work

Sound does not work at all


Pretty good

Seriously this game is really fun

I like the game. But does it have sound to it because when I raise my volume it doesn’t have any sound.

There is a glitch

On the tower of eternity with the fallen behemoth boss with vile gas and suffocate, the block function doesn’t work for vile gas even though it is able to be blocked, and what makes it worse is that I double up on protection from it by getting out of the area and using block I still get hit, and the same issue happens with suffocate(except for blocking because you can’t block it), I get hit even though I am on the other side of the arena from the boss.


This is is relaxing when u are higher lvl then anyone else


3 stars because supertycoon gone :’( I hope super tycoon will be back soon

Full of thief’s ad worst game support you will ever see

They cost you time money and laugh at you when u try get it back and just say so sorry sucker!!! And then when you speak out the block you from all social media’s so no one can see the truth.........



From - Georgian EST-403

The best


Awesome game love it I want more games like this on....!!!! Bring it on...!!!!!

Great, but time consuming

This is an amazing game, the graphics are great and there is always something to do. If you’re considering downloading the game, be ready to devote some time to it 😂 it’ll take some time for you do be a decent player, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Legacy of discard furious wings

At first it can be hard but the more you play the better it gets.

Legacy of discard

Great game and amizing

Game is dying

Great game but not enough people online to play

One of the best out there

To me this game is one of the best MMORPG’s for IOS


Don’t bother with this game all they do is steal your money and won’t make excuse when they screw up so they won’t have to give you what you earn


I used to have this game (now redownloading it) 2 times. Its fun but it lacks customization and classes. If your looking for some fun boss battles and an intriguing storyline I think this game is for you :)

Pay to win

Don’t let the support lie free to play will never beat pay to play players


Este juego lo amo es como una droga para mi

Good br is for rich people

If u have lots of money you will enjoy this

No sound

Using my iPhone 7. Need I say more

App developers don't even do any good to respond to games like this

1. You guys need to delete the app because if bad review you submitted, It means it's time to get a new game or play something else. 2. I love dragon city so hopefully I can reach level 10 in this game to get my gems but I highly doubt that you advertisers will award me. 3. If you're looking for some good apps instead of this crappy game, Here are suggestions: Crossy road, Sonic and Sega All Stars racing, Places I've Pooped, Dragon City, Homescapes, Solitaire, Sonic 4 episode 2, Hatchamals, Dantdm Songs, Sonic 2, Minecraft PE, and Coin Dozer


Fun game but very pay to play

Another 1star review!!!!

Problems mentioned in previous review remain. And now this morning couldn’t log on. For over an hour! No explanation or rewards sent for not being able to play a game I have invested in welcome to celestial city.......If yer new get used to this crap. Same problems I’ve seen for almost 700 days now.......review will not change as when you get a “a developer has responded to your review” it’s the same bot mod saying we will pass this info onto the devs.....so nothing at all ever actually gets fixed.......I will 1 star this game to death til fixed......

Pretty interesting game

Lots of activity to do. But more interesting is so many different upgrade options. This is Day 4 of playing so will see what happens

LoD is full of things to do

This game is very addicting and there’s always something to do. I’m discovering new things everyday. There’s an incentive to become more powerful and LoD really wants your money but what game nowadays isn’t like this anymore.


This game is about action. I love how it lets you pick your character and how their are quests. Whenever you lvl up you get prizes and you can change characters.There are many people in this game which allows you to friend people and join guilds. I also love how they guide you through the game. I recommebd this game!

Pay to win game

Pay to win game people are over powered and they bully free to play players. Very unfair game only recommend downloading if your willing to spend your money

Need buckets of money too play

You need lots of money to play on this game!!!!

Best Game Ever

Awsome, best game I ever hade for IOS


Awesome!!! Can’t put it down!!

Buen juego

Muchas cosas buenas

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