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Class change

I have been playing this game for the 5 months and I am vip5 member and some how my class randomly changed from sorceress to berserk and I even lost some of my progress on my BR and Weapon/ armor enhancements

Horrible match making.

This game has the worst match making I have ever seen. At 2 mil power it will match you against players with 15-100mil power. Don’t know about others but I play games with a goal to win. Not lose. Even if you dumped all your money in this game, it would still screw you over with the matches. Don’t waste your money.

Verry good game and disaapointment

I was very disappointment and amazed for this game.... disappointment because i cannot sync my account in android to ios it always appear a new character i want to back my character because its high lvl and i use more diamond for it i log into gtarcade but its a new user....anyway this game is good thats why i make a new account and make new gtarcade account secured thank you


I Like The Game But Every Time I Need Gems I Have To Pay I’m Not Wasting My Money On Something I Have To Pay On A Game Like Seriously I’m Not It’s My Money And I Get To Choose If I Want To Spend It Or Not

Spending events

I’ve been playing this game for over a year. The game use to be fun but the constant spending events has gotten out of hand. I didn’t mind spending some but have since decided to save my money. I can’t remember when the last time an event came out that all players can compete in WITHOUT spending. Thanks for ruining a beautiful game


4 stars because I can’t get vip and I play a lot , so sad

Legacy of doscord beat game ever

Best game i have ever played

Best Action/RPG Type Game Without Paying

I’ve never reviewed a game before, but this one is worth it. I don’t like games that give such a heavy advantage to spenders that it limits your fun if you don’t want to spend a lot or at all. You can get along just fine in this game without paying or just paying as you want. It’s a lot of fun and there’s so much to do it’s almost overwhelming!

The best game ever

This game Is so fun but it does take some battery away from your device that you are playing on

A glitchy pile of trash

This game is a mess. The developers are constantly making mistakes and then refusing to fairly compensate their players for the things that they have screwed up. The best rewards can only be earned by spending money, and I am absolutely sick of it. Recently a boss was glitched, and every player was robbed of roughly 5000 in-game gems. The compensation for this mistake was, frankly, laughable. Stop money grubbing and fix the problems you've caused. I am growing tired of this garbage.

amazing game keep it up

this is an amazing game people say you need to spend money but many different things give you diamonds like downloading extra content (completly free!) and completing achievements and some quests yes the advertisements are not exactly gameplay but the game is better than the ads say anyone can get good in this game it just takes some time! pls keep it up developers!!


I have to say that this is the only game I’ve played on my iPad mini that doesn’t lag. Gameplay is very similar to most energy cap mmorpgs on mobile. A few timed events each day. If you’re not in a strong guild it will limit your growth. It is pay to win of course. Competing as a free player is all about strategically buying things with free diamonds that give the best payout in power increase. Always start on a brand new server for free players!

False Advertising

Downloaded this because I saw several ads. Literally none of the ads are actual gameplay and have nothing to do with the game whatsoever. I’ve never seen anything so stupid and dishonest before.

👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 boring

Once you get to a certain point leveling up takes forever it’s taken me almost 7 months to get to level 98 and theres no story to entertain or anything just walking around and doing the daily achievements. Not to mention that upgrading your armor is a complete chore. Im at my wits end with this game, it was my favorite but it’s definitely failed to deliver.


This game is so good because I’m on the highest level but I’m a guest if log in you will lose a lot of money I didn’t get the log in part from myself it was someone else also its good because no hacks no bugs no scammers and you can choose your own name also theres a pvp alsø YOU WILL FIND OUT THE REST ONCE YOU PLAY


I only got it cuz the ad was the player touching the girl in an inappropriate way... and I’m a very bisexual female I wanted to do it to HAHHAAHHAA 5 STARS!

Fun to play

Definitely to be top you need to pay to win, however you can do very well with vip0 . Server I’m on the 9th place player is vip0. But fun gameplay and a lot of daily and weekly things to do

It’s a great game

I’ve had this game for about 3 1/2 years, I’m not the farthest on the game, but I’m far. It’s a very well put together game tbh, I haven’t played it for the whole time I’ve had it but I haven’t wanted to delete it or anything, I decided to start playing it again and it was just like when I started, except the grind was just a little harder being a higher level and all. But it still entertains, i give it 5 stars get just that reason.

Fun game

Playing for a month and love it. Keeps me entertained.

Great game

Great game

One Star.

Don’t waste your time, it’s pay to win. Game glitches a crap ton and they give 0 F’s if your account or any personal information is lost, not to mention if you’re not VIP you stand no chance against the various other billion BR players. Wasteful. 👎

Another terrible mmorpg

Ok I wanna keep this shirt so basically it literally just revolves around the big fat auto button and all the classes are pretty much the same I do not recommend this trashy game

Nice game.

This is a nice game, great graphics and a nice story. I love playing it and making friends from all aver the world. 😌


No money no play, great game but unfair to those who can’t spend hundreds of dollars per month.


This a Game is so fun man if anybody downloads it they will never regret it

Really Commercial Game

If you don’t go to absolutely high vvvip,don’t play this game.They always did every kind of events for richer.Never thought for low vip players and low br players.Zzz

Great P2P Game

Great game, lots of cool stuff to add to your character. Possible to play without paying, but it helps a lot. Recommend if you like fantasy type games.

Best game I know

I know that a lot of games often have you to buy something with real money to get benefits. This also has it but you also don’t really need it! In MY opinion, I think it’s a fun game of fighting and combat! Most of the time, if you want to reach a certain goal, you just have to have patience and find ways to get more stronger. That’s why there is a tip book 😊 Now I think there is often time for the need of diamonds. Daily quests often have amounts of diamonds when you go and collect them when you finish them! I’m always eager to get on everyday when I get home from school! It’s not always everyone’s favorite game, but it sure is mine!

Love it

I don’t have to pay that much and it Has great graphics and you can actually gain a lot of BR if you know what you’re doing


Nice game pipol +5

Pay to win ???

I will say that this game is pay to win in many ways making a big disadvantage for free to play players. Then again this game isn’t all about killing other players there’s a story to it and you can pvp or you can team up and do raids in dungeons so it’s not really affecting the free to play players to much in most of the game. Anyways when u play the game and if u grind like any mmorpg type game when it comes to leveling you can get stronger then a pay to win player and feel more accomplish in the end cause you have money in the end and didn’t spend a dime.😂

Great quality, fast gameplay but boring

Great quality game. Have been playing it for many months but unfortunately becomes very boring. There is practically nothing interesting to do together with friends. The bottom line is you are alone doing mundane tasks to increase your BR i.e power for the sake of it.

Legacy of Recharge Furious Bugs

This Game is Only About Recharge The Developers Are Only Welcomes The Recharger We Need New Server For Non-VIP OH WAIT This Game is only About Recharge my Bad So it’s Impossible lol They Say this is Strategy Game Go Get yourself A Strategy To Win Against V15 😂😂😂😂😂 We V0 Are 4-6B V15 Are 50B-100B 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Cool game

I like how you progress your character

Best game

This is the best game ever play in his life

Fun, Beautiful and entertaining

Fun And keeps you entertained , in game prices should come down especially for subscribers , Other than that its Hella Sick!


This game is fun and addictive, I sometimes stay up during nights just to play it. It’s really fun!

Really fun but you have to work for it

Love this game. It is definitely pay to play, but it is really easy to be one of the top players if you grind day after day, I am 11th on my server and never spent a penny.


Never play a grindy game with autoplay. The game plays itself, wait for tokens to regenerate over time so you can watch the game autoplay itself more. This game is trash.

I love it

I love your game I play it all everyday and I am lvl 63

Dead game

The servers are dead and they don’t offer a transfer and when you try to send a suggestion that they should consider merging servers they send an automated bot response. Just standard bad Chinese greedy poor excuse for a game. Don’t play Chinese games. For real. Especially this one. They can’t make games.


It’s a decent game. Massively a pay to play. Heck there is some people that are like level 40 with a 3 million BR. Definitely not fair to those who grind it. Also the AoE that bosses do are stupid. Unless you are wanting to pay 80 bucks to get a godly boost in BR and equipment


Awesome Game!

Cool game

It provides plenty to do while leveling up is fun

Great game

definitely recommend this game

5 star good game

Yeah you pay for stuff but you can also play it the free way, didn’t buy a gem pack and was earning decent amount of gems from PVP and other small little things, but today I bought my first gem pack with this event that’s going on, it called “its on me” got a free gem pack and now I’m vip2! Woot woot 😝

Fun as sh**


Security issues and theft

Don’t waste your money. When your account gets hacked they will not resolve it and your account will be sold by the hackers. They allow fraud to continue and you have to fight with them for months. They have major security issues they refuse to address and fix. Find another game. Before developer says contact game support I have 182 emails and 18 tickets filed to still have hackers in my account. I’m told it’s a Facebook issue but I have confirmed with Facebook it is not. They refuse to have someone who understands English help me and refuse to escalate high up. Several people on our server alone are having the same problem and all of us have had zero resolution. On my account There are 8 characters and they will only fix one and refuse to fix the other characters. I have spent a lot of money with this company to be treated the way I am 😡

Fake gameplay video

Just for fake video advertisement

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