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Stop advertising porn with ur ads while I’m trying to watch videos

Disagree with necessity of paying to play

I started playing this game 9 months ago to get extra gems for another game. I NEVER WENT BACK TO THE OTHER GAME. I hate games where I have to fight in any way, yet this game is so much more than the fighting. While the person griping about people who pay have an advantage, that’s every game. This game gives diamonds like the wind blows...Any hiccup in any server, diamonds. Weekly updates, diamonds. They rotate promotions so much and always give free tries. I’m in a guild with a top player on our server and he isn’t even VIP 1. He has never laid a dime on the game. What I find is not having an unfair advantage by spending money, you rush game play and camaraderie time is missed with guild members. My only complaint is customization of my character but the game has come so far in that aspect. Yes u have to remember, we only had the first anniversary of the game a few months ago. The money paid in allows the game to grow and keep our interests up.


= 1 month premium needs to be constant. =cheaper way(pay someone else to hack it). I hate cheating. =99.99 gets you nowhere. EXPENSIVE Game =Improvement of 3 STAR really 2 and half. =Already lvl 200trillon level players or Good-luck at this pt. =This game is for the upper class. This game is really fun, but way to expensive to start, I suggest the average person plays and moves on to better things. I do enough the game though. The updates has cause me slow become better while still losing, and slow improved there star ratings. Would still not suggest this game.Look this game is to competitive. "Plunder" there's no way I can defend and the cost of upgrading $7.99 monthly and you get to play the quested call "plunder" you go into this world and they other players kill you as soon as you spawn and then you run And you die, you then you spend 10 "Diamond to keep dying vary expensive. Spend $ 1000s . What frustrates me the most is trying to play with "friends" or "guild members". Teaming up with them is hard enough IF they let you player with them. If plunder becomes more fun over time. I time this game has the potential to be great. Most people at such high attack play in plunder you start you die then you die again, etc. Wo. I thought maybe with running premium that would make a difference. Nope, wasted money with no benefits. LOVE THE TEAM WORK IDEAS! Game compared to other games I've played: Clash of clans Bullet force,Clash royal,Dragon wars,Gods of war,Poker tournament, Robot wars, Adventure capitalist , WORLD WAR.P,GOD OF WAR,Major Knowledge on Steam Games,Major knowledge on Blizzard Games, more 5-6. I suggest a king and queen for PvP player vs player death match.


The game is literally unplayable it continues to crash and not to mention that I'll get banned for "cheating" if I don't cheat... This is terrible

I had this game 4 years ***i keep coming back

Some people say this is a pay who won game sort of kind of but if you follow all the quests @ daily quests **u can level up in no time **yes u have 2 grind * but that’s the fun of the game **im @ level over 80 **Friend me Redjinn9 ***

Having lots of fun

There’s always something to do the game isn’t clumsy at all and very pretty. I haven’t gotten bored with it once yet

Best game ever

This is a Awesome game. It’s so much fun and there is so much to do that it keeps u occupied forever. And for the comment above I have payed and $ other than $9.99 for a subscription one time and I do just fine. Good Job to those of you that work so hard for me and my hubby to play this amazing game.😉

Love this game..

Im always online everyday... just diwnload and try it.. but im warning you guys.. this game will eat up all your time.. it’s actually addicting game

This game is terrible

How come in the ads there’s characters like the night wing

What have you done

Dudes don’t rip off people and you’ll get more players and match up fairly SO WE DONT GET MASSACERD

Not funny.....

Five minutes in, and the dumb game wants you to buy fifty dollars worth of crap. Not funny, and was immediately deleted after o saw that. Don’t bother replying developers, I will not be re-downloading this scam of an app.


The Graphics are amazing I’m addicted to the game it’s a great great way to pass the time.

Fun but too pricey

Fun game, just too much money for product.


Love the game it’s awesome!!!

Really Great Game!!

That's really amazing game !!! This game ... I can't stop playing ...!



Cash grab

Good graphics, boring gameplay

Good time killer

This game is pretty fun, kills time relatively quick, and if you like to upgrade different things in games, this one has maybe too many. Don’t know how serious you should get with this one as you can actually purchase everything so PvP is suspect, but like I said, good time killer. Fun to play around with.

Best game

I cant ever find a game that I enjoy that can keep my attention but this game never fails!!


This game is fun and addictive! It will give you hours of entertainment.

I’m confused.....

I thought this game was free and then accidentally I hit purchase for the second part of the game,after playing like 3 battle. Apparently it’s $50?!? And it said it would mail me something??? Not sure what happened but as far as I know this app doesn’t have my card information considering the Touch ID would’ve popped up. But someone better respond to this to let me know.

Something kinda wonderful just happened

That would pretty much never happen in one of these squeeze-blood-from-a-stone paywall “games”: I just got like almost 40 emails giving me a bunch of subscription bonuses I never collected. I’m not saying that you should pay for a subscription in this game: that’s up to you. I personally think your money would be better spent somewhere else, but maybe you just have a real crush on this game in particular. It also raises an obvious concern to me: The menus are so overwhelmingly convoluted that I had almost 40 days’ worth of unclaimed bonuses. So that needs to be streamlined. Maybe give the person thoughtful enough to give me my unclaimed stuff more design and decision making power within then company, if it’s even one person. Am I writing a positive review for one stranger who works on a game I think is otherwise probably too mediocre for me to have really bought a subscription in? ...I’m fine with that.

Finally found it!

I have finally found the game of my life! I have been looking for a game like this for only god knows how long! It has so many cool armors, wings, levels, monsters and demons to beat, and more! I couldn’t think of any other way to explain it but AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, AND COOL! I hope this game stays online for ever and they keep making updates until the end of time!!!

Awesome game

This game is awesome

Es buen juego solo q los premios de recarga son repetitivos tienen q balancear los premios

Me gusta


Apparently you guys are not good when it comes to customer service/support. You lied about your game, you only want people's money and not caring in improving on anything. Sad, really sad.


I stoped playing right away, because the game was saying that I couldn’t continue unless I downloaded the second pack that on that will also come with lots of upgrades and reward, but then I noticed it had a”$50” on top of the download button. I don’t mind subscribing to u guys for $10 a month, I really like the game. But to spend $50 and then $10 more, in just a phone game, it ain’t worth it...


The pvp areas need a tutorial.....for a person not used to this type of game. Also more clarification is needed on what “wrath wings” do and how to go about choosing the right set. Great game graphics the gameplay is a bit monotonous like most of these games that require player upgrades from stages previously passed. There’s is a lot of different areas to keep your interest occupied easy time killer ...liked it overall


One of the guys said it cost money but it doesn’t soooooo it’s a great game idk what he meant but he’s wrong

Pay to improve

Early on, no one understands the game is about diamonds and how to spend them. By the time you realize you should save for events you are buying diamonds and everything in the game costs diamonds to advance. If you have hundreds of dollars to spend and hours to spend grinding the same 15 dailies over and over then this is all you. I have been playing for 2 months and average 4-5 hours between grinding dailies and the required 2.5 hours of gear drop boss and plunder kills every night between 630 and 10 pm. Good to pass time but not worth the cash to level and it gets old fast. Wish you luck. Thinking it’s time to stop playing phone apps and get back on my computer.


There is not any flying or anything like that in this game like it showed in the videos. It is common non interesting hack and slash with more hen average tapping of bs. Fraud, there is not any flying or anything!

I was going to download this game but...

It looks amazing, the commercials and gameplay look awesome. Read everyone’s review though. Developers only want money. Look at every automated response. Same exact response on every review that isn’t 5 stars. So this isn’t worth a download, based on the very poor customer service displayed on the reviews alone. Edit: See? Exact same response they give anyone who didn’t give them 5 stars. Good luck if you download this game.

This is a new game. It will keep your fingers on the phone all day.

This game is quite fun. Many surprises as you level on. I be on it all day.

Not getting my prizes

I finished chapter 5 bountys and DIDNT get my gear for it and for chapeter 8 I DIDNT get my gear I need that fixed please

Took my money

I bought a package of 500 gems for 4.99 but they took 10.60 from me

Awesome rpg game!

This game is fun if you like rpg games. If you want to challenge your friends who can level up higher first or defeat bosses. This game has so many levels and bosses.


احلى لعبة شفته في الإبل ستور وربي دماررر❤️

Worthy of your time!

Game that holds your attention with frequent updates and challenges. Good graphics and easy to navigate. I’ve enjoyed it and will continue to keep playing.

Best of its kind

So far I’m stunned by how well this was made, very few gripes, chatting was the biggest glaring issue, seems kind of odd. The cash shopping is ok since you get diamonds in game play, keep up the good work guys.

Don’t do it man...

Wish I had never downloaded this game. While I found the game a joy to play it is not only confusing but the only way to really get ahead is the good ol fashion PAY TO WIN!!! I shelled out OVER $300! Only to still get one Shotted by every other player in the game. While the reason behind why this happened to me is just becoming clear I would recommend just AVOIDING THE GAME AT ALL COSTS! Because chances are that is all it will do COST!COST!COST!

False Advertising

Don’t play this game or spend any money. They put dates, then end the event early and you won’t have a chance to compete properly. If you put a ticket in they just say they will get back to you and never do. Don’t waste your time.

Awesomeness good

Don't know what's gonna ng right now I can't get in to the game !! Lovely

Lost my character because I switched servers

A warning would be nice to remember which server you were originally playing on. I happened to switch servers and now I lost my character. A warning would be nice since I lost my player I deleted the game. What a waste of time

The best!


Reminds me of Diablo 3

I love this game. I fill as if there could be a way to make things a bit cheaper. I mean 10,000 diamonds for $99.00 is a quite bit much. Other than that. It’s a great solid game.


Real good it’s better then playing world of Warcraft

No Sound?!?!?

Sooo, I’m starting to love the game (especially the “Auto Fight” feature). My only issue is there’s no sound. I’ve tried quitting, deleting the app and reinstalling, tried the in- app settings and nothing is working. Tried looking in the ‘Support’ tab but NOOOO SUPPORT! Need the sound in order to fully immerse myself into the game. C’mon, feed a Nerd’s Imagination!!

I like it

Good game! No complaints

Amazing game

It’s a amazing game. I wish you didn’t have to spend real money to get anywhere higher in the game. It’s not worth playing for that reason alone. It’s a great game though. Time consuming. Keeps you interested.


Awesome game but sound effect can be further improved

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