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Legacy of Discord

Addictive and amazing 💯

Nice game

some bug but great game :)


I love to play this game !! It's super addictive so b cautious lol


I understand this is a mobile game, but the graphics are meh, you also have a lot of male appeal... the voice actors are cringe and stupid but this game is addicting. I have OCD and I hate the notification button there when there’s nothing to collect...

Best!!!!! Mobile!!!!! Game!!!!! EvEr!!!!!

Just Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Such a good game

I love this game so much. Keep doing good work on it!

Time consuming but amazing!

I've put a lot of time into this game, but all around it's a good game

Horrible Customer Service

Leveled my account to 82, spent hundreds of dollars to reach VIP8 (because this game is P2W) contacted customer service with 2 issues asking for assistance and their responses both times were vague and rude. The game in itself is fun but with the P2W and the horrible customer service I wouldn't waste my time or money on this app if I were you.

Breathe in

Pretty funny

Best game

This game is amazing. It's smooth and battle is full of effects that are beautifully animated

Love it

I love love love this game!!!


I saw you one of the commercials and somebody was reacting to the characters it was so obvious that they're faking



Far out!

Game needs some adjustments but it's far F'N out!

Lots of build options!

This game is loaded with ways to tweak your character. Dozens of pet choices. Cosmetics are nice, and animation is really sweet. Hard to put this game down.

everything is guided

I was very unhappy with this app I was expecting it to be like the advertisements and instead I spent a good while playing it and everything is just click and it automatically happened. Very disappointed.

18+ yo

Ther advertise that's as an 18 or older have but it was rated at 12+.... hmm sounds like a marketing ploy to me and if you look at the developer responses they are all exactly the same and avoid the issues that are commented on

Fun little game

Rpg game is fun but cost too much to be competitive


Misleading ad on fb! Dishonesty is a great way for me to never try your products. The fact that the video I watched wasn't even like the game is garbage. EPIC FAIL

Great game!

Very addictive.

Very Entertaining

Very spectacular game and very addicting and it's fun to see your Br Leveling up while you are getting stronger and one thing for sure it's one of the best games to have..... good game to kill time with.

4 star over 5

i would have gave 5 star but only gave 4 im a lvl 75 bladedancer and my account is frozen at the loading screen game doesnt work anymore and i really like this game i have paid quite abit im vip5 ive tried to reach out on facebook your DEVELOPER page and still no responce its been little over a week and i still cant play this matter is really fustrating because players like me who actually will pay to play you may loose out on us if matters like this arent resolved

Too much focus on PVP

I love a good MMORPG but one of the things that is always a huge downfall in games like this is the PVP being at the center of gameplay - you can't just go explore the wilds without getting attacked for no reason by another player who kills you that doesn't make the game much fun. There needs to be other options for those of us who just want to explore. Also the advertisements show wings and the reality is unless you spend money or participate in PVP modes you can't get them, to me that is a big negative for this game. Personally I wanted to find a game that let me enjoy some of the aspects of computer MMO's with out the need for my computer. Overall the game is fun, but the dungeon levels get repetitive, there is zero character customization, and trying to chat with people is a pain - basically all the things I was looking for in a game are lacking in LoD

Waste of my time

I had a week of my time invested in the game, I had a gtarcade account created with password and everything, I got the character I had created up a good ways and invested my time into it, I get disconnected and I log out and I cannot log back in and it says my email is not valid to get a password, my account was linked to Facebook and Game Center. So I should be safe right? NO!!! It starts me all over. I deleted the app, worst account security I have ever had

Pretty cool

Best rpg kind of game on iPhone yet



Fun fun~~~


Good game

Good game

Good game

Good game


Tried launching this game several times on a 6S plus. Option to start the game comes up, unresponsive on anything but the bind and announcement buttons.

Game was fun, but then....

The game was fun and balanced we had 3-4 guilds and even though the best guild had high level players, the other guilds could hold their own, and aspire to grow and overthrow the next higher guild. Then, server merge comes along with these super powerful players, and the best players in the 4 original guilds get recruited by the super powerful. Now, it's a farming game since the thought of spending 1,000's of dollars to even come close is not an option! Good Job! Keep the top 10 players happy and piss off the hundreds that were growing at their pace. Fire the decision maker! You guys are going to lose the mid level spenders and when the big spenders(high level) are tired of farming, they will quit too.


This game is great, layout is amazing and so are plugins. Very easy with some challenges overall amazing game but i'm stuck at the main page!! Please help! I opened app, it goes to the pick a server page and I click join but it doesn't let me and says server under maintenance check announcements and I see there was an update the 14th and it is the 18th but I never received an update notification for it and I cannot play. It has been a hole day and I am a strong high character close to the top and I don't want to ruin it! . I have tried switching servers, redownloading app all of that nothing works. HELPPP

Decent game but the constant advertisement to buy diamonds is obnoxious

Way too much encouragement to buy into the game. Paywalls evident and the VIP system is total BS.

Best game I've ever played

Best game on here for the App Store

Love it

It is so fun



Not bad so far

Level 29 f2p and seems pretty fun so far.


It depends what kind of person you are. If you like online and create a community this app is right for you. Well worth it. I'm hooked

Nope nope 👎

Nothing to see here... Move along.


You guys should win an award for the worst youtube ads in the f*cking world, and just downloadesd the game to say this not really gonna play. I'll uninstall it right away, not giving it a shot because of your constant ads.

Don't even try without cash....

I was hooked for a long time, but then I was limited to some features farther into the game. V.I.P don't get me started. I get V.I.P and it doesn't give me anything except maybe a little more stuff to do. Items??? Paywall some features? Paywall. In reality it's really fun, but you need money unless you want to get bored a week in.


I truly enjoy this game. There are continuous things to strive for and they are all attainable with a little effort. The only thing I wish was tweaked a little is that there are a few items and events that aren't explained that well. But I usually just "go with the flow" and figure it out.


I could play this game for hours! I love collecting things and all that


Fun game

Great game

Great game


The ads are stupid and it's copied from the original fat guy ad which we hate


This game is so good 👍🏼. But my title can not be used. From LuCiFeR 😭

Great game

Well thought out and plenty to do

Game of the year

I love this game and all of its adventures and different event. It really never gets boring there is always something to do. Oh shoot I got to go I'm about to miss plunder - Keliz

Actually kinda good

I can honestly say I've paid no money and I still love playing this game. If you just stick to it and collect the daily's and do the missions you'll go far.

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