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Where do I get op rock

Where do I get the op rock that kills a dragon and gets me to level 50


If you enjoy paying for in-game items, not receiving them, contacting customer support and never getting a response, this is the game for you.


Awesome game

Fix Plunder and daily scenario crashes ASAP

The is always crashing in Europe server 1234 it always says to me error code 505 so this is not the first email u don’t reply back or anything

Fun game

Fun game

Great game but...

I love this game it’s fun and it’s easy to rank up everything is fine but the genders I wish you could change your gender in the game after you’ve played it for awhile that would be great. :)

Deceitful advertising

I saw ads for this game everywhere claiming it to be “best game ever” and people said they “waited 10 years for this”. Well, as par for a 2008 game as this is, the ads were deceitful and the gameplay was similar to any other RPG. The ads showed that you could roam around and find armor and weaponry on your own, but alas, the game is completely scripted. It’s a pretty bad game

Great fun!

Play as much, or as little as you like, this game has plenty of engaging entertainment for any type of player.


Great game lel

Top Game

Unlike most games of its type, it does not slow down to a crawl at a certain level. So much to do to keep you entertained. Great armor upgrade system. Fun and challenging PVP areas. Many affordable outfits to look unique from others. Amazing pets. I highly recommend this rpg for anyone who enjoys this genre.🥇

Joseph Branchflower

The best game I’ve ever played

Great gameplay, customization is improving

They are constantly making improvements to make the game more customizable. Been playing 9months and play everyday. It’s addictive!

Pretty addicting

The only problem I have is the exclamation points and not being able to get rid of them. They should only be used when there is something you can use on that item the ! Is on.

idk it can be better just being honest

if im connected to wifi i have to turn it off to play without it saying reastablishing connection. i have a iphone 6 verizonwireless soo.... udate bug fixes or something. its a top notch game just needs to be fixed up

Misleading Ads for a Money Grab Game

I come from Facebook, where there are two ads for this, which I have seen upwards of 30 times. Both show you starting in just your underwear, naked in some snowy forest. In one of them, you start at level 10, then pick up a rock and throw it at a dragon, doing 68000+ damage and killing it in one hit. That raises you to level 30. Then, you go and loot a huge chest that the dragon dropped, which gives you wings and raises you to level 50. In the other ad, you walk around the snowy terrain and find a gigantic burning sword just stuck in the ground. You then can turn on “auto collect” and the game will collect everything around for you. In less than a minute, your new character is equipped with full armor, a giant sword, and huge wings. Both of these ads show a game in which you can seemingly become overpowered in the first few minutes of playing. Horrible game concept. What’s even worse, however, is that both of the commercials are a horrible representation of the actual game. I haven’t played the game, nor will I, but it looks like the game actually isn’t as horrible as the ads make it out to be. However, based on the reviews, it looks like it’s become extremely pay-to-play, which drifts even further from the advertisements. Furthermore, it looks like 90% or complaints are responded to with a copy/paste response from the Development Team. They don’t seem to care about the actual problems with the game. This game is a large pile of wasted potential. It looks like a lot of work was put in to making it, but the marketing for it is garbage, and they are handling their purchases badly. It could have been so much more.

Good game.

A really good game. Run out of gold quickly though.

Great game

This is 1 of the best games out. Only thing is, it has way to much going on at once. Way to much upgrading in every way possible. Just when you think your doing good someone comes along and 1 hits you. With some minor tweaks this could be a #1 game of the year.

Money scheme

I can almost guarantee you this won’t make it on the reviews, but the developers do not for a second care about you. They don’t have any desire to enhance the game much at all. Major let down for what could have been a great game

Excellent achieving game

I love this game because it is addicting and I love the aspect of growing and becoming strong. Developers made many awesome and useful ways to help you do that too! BUT, my only problem is that there are already super strong players roaming around that give you NO chance and it’s tough to enjoy a good challenge. Other than that the game is awesome. 5 Stars!!

WOW!! 😱😱

Waited for ten years, finally landed on iOS, I bought an iPhone just for this game 😈🔞😲

Great game!

Awesome gameplay great upgrades !


I paid 5,000 gems to get a costume. I clearly picked the costume nebula. It gave me Talia. I finally saved up all these gems to get this gorgeous costume. And it gave me a completely different one. Please fix this. I'm really disappointed I didn't want Talia I clicked on nebula because I wanted THAT one. Not any other THAT one. In just wasted 5,000 gems to get the costume I didn't even click on. I loved this game but I'm really disappointed in this scam


Love this game!!!

Great Game! However...

Unfortunately it is set up on a “pay to win” deal. In order to be any sort of competition to anyone in PvP you have to be a VIP with a crazy high BR. I can’t afford this considering I’m a college student, so how am I supposed to compete? Almost ruins the game for me :/.


Muy Buen Juego


Fast paced, easy to understand and navigate, hardly any loading time wait, nice hack/slash rpg with loads of character building, pet spawning perfect for those of us with ADD

Great fame

Really is fun to play whenever you can.

New to the game

Best graphics I’ve seen on a mobile game so far lots to do I find my self forgetting time playing when it’s so many different things to do so far I like haven’t played my other games since I started.


So far so good.

Great game but lacking on instructions

Lots to do... on the verge of too much. There is limited instructions on higher level actions. If your not careful you can burn through diamonds quick. A lot can be done with a small in game investment if your careful. Overall pretty fun game.

Great game

Love this game so addictive I play when I get the down time to kill time love it

Legacy of discord

Awesome game I love it

Best game out there

Very fun game, so much to do cannot wait for more content gtarcade knows how to make top ranked games


Great Game!

Great freaking game!!

Graphics are great, along with the environment. Smooth sailing, no lags. The story line and extras are the bomb. 😎

Great game

A lot like diablo with building stats and leveling items gear and abilities.


I like it but the shoulder armor does not shown up in battles please repair this

Awesome best IOS game ever

Addicted at first play love it

Great Game! Best mmo rpg to date on iOS.

Great team building game regardless of level or skill. Plenty of daily events that blend the elite and novice for competitive and collective effort action. Fictitious Game Review Magazine raves “ Awesome Game!...surely we don’t still make magazines... we do ? Why ? Who the **** still reads them?


Game and graphics are good but it lacks a lot and your vip are way out of hands with the prices.


Lag from 19h to 22h

Don’t waste your money

Can’t recharge. They charge your card then never give you the diamonds. Rip-0ff !!!!


This game is awesome the graphics and gameplay are fantastic.

Love it

Love this game and all the stuff I can do on it!!!

Waste of money

Good game but it depends on your money and how much do u have! Because more you spend money more strong your character will be :(


مرحبا ، أقترح طرح اللعبه على البلايستيشن والإكس بوكس بشكلها الحالي مع تطوير بسيط في الجرافيك والعالم المفتوح أكثر. تحياتي

Was a great game

I love the game and the players of the game! The game keeps adding new features without fixing the server issues. It crashes more and more with each update. With the last update it is not even playable for most people now. Absolutely horrible!!! I have played for over a year now. If the developer does not start improving gameplay more I will quit playing very soon. As it stands I am highly dissatisfied with it.

Fun but expensive

It’s a fun game and there’s quite a lot to do. Unfortunately, the creators focus more on piling new systems and modes on top of older systems that don’t work properly or that could be expanded. GTArcade, the game’s support/management, is extremely poor at handling support. They answer a support ticket within 48 hours, but if you respond back in that ticket for further assistance, they don’t respond. Simple things like updating your email address aren't allowed/supported. Finally, the prevailing in-game currency, diamonds, is extremely expensive. You can purchase small packs of diamonds - 100 diamonds for $0.99, up to 10,000 diamonds for $99.00. Maybe that seems like a bargain, but the costs to purchase significant items with diamonds is ridiculous. Right now there’s a Christmas Sale, and one big-ticket item is 50% off. Total cost after the discount is 15,000 diamonds, or $150 US. and it’s just one of a plethora of items you’d have to buy to be one of the higher-ranked players.

Fair and healthy game

I spent money on every game I played but this one is the best and fair game I’ve ever played!!

Cool game I've played

This is one of the coolest game I've played besides Xbox one

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